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Check out the new blog. Myriad Studio

Myriad Studio Blog

Yes, Yellow Eye (i) Design was meant to be the creative team at cornerstone chandler, but everyone already updates their own blogs. I’d like to continue using this blog to post the Cornerstone work and personalities. However, I do have one of my own now that is more straight up and has more of my outside of Cornerstone work as well. Check it out.


Color Picker: Mondrianum

Do you ever need some color ideas? One thing I have done in the past is find a picture that has cool tones and complimentary colors and picked a few colors from there to make my pallet. This is especially effective when you are using the art/graphics with that photograph. Sometimes you have a blank sheet of paper and you just want some ideas for color combinations. Mondrianum acts like a built-in, system-wide color picker. It becomes available in any mac application that supports the color pick feature. I have found this especially useful in CSS, photoshop and After Effects projects. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Mondrianum combines the best of the community content on kuler and the nativeness of Mac applications. If you work with colors on a Mac, be sure to check it out!

Vector Art Resource: Arsenal

Downloadable Art Packages

Downloadable Art Packages

I think the majority of Go Media’s resources cost a little bit of cash, but it is very extensive and there are some free products as well. I have used a great deal of their vectors and have been very pleased with the quality. I would give their site a high score for just easy use and quick purchasing, no crazy up-sale tactics involved. I believe they even have some motion graphics available. 

Go Media’s ARSENAL – Enjoy

Free Photoshop Brushes

Personally I don’t use brushes often, but I have seen some really cool work done with them. In a perfect world I would spend all the time I want custom designing vectors to place in my designs. Of course we don’t get that much time for some of our projects. This is where I see brushes coming in. I found a website that has a pretty extensive collection of brushes and they seem to be compatible with most trends we are all familiar with. Let me know if you have any other cool brushes you’d like to share. Cheers

professor lynda – friend or foe?

I was reluctant to pay $25 a month for ‘unlimited’ time with the tutors on lynda.com. I have to say i was pleasantly surprised with the amount of material there. it is well worth the money if you are trying to learn about an adobe product. some of the teachers were difficult to understand, but in general, it was pretty good. the video was easy to follow and i learned a lot. anyone have similar experiences? would you recommend it?

Inspiration – designers mental coffee

occasionally, and yes it’s so rare, I need to stimulate my mind with new ideas… It would be dumb for me to assume i have all the best ideas, i don’t. So where do we go when we want to look at some ‘good’ designs, maybe to get our ideas flowing? Continue reading

10 places with free textures.

cool places for free textures.

  1. TextureKing
  2. http://www.grungetextures.com/gallery/
  3. http://www.imageafter.com/
  4. http://cgtextures.com/
  5. http://www.texturelove.com/
  6. http://texturez.com/
  7. http://www.lughertexture.com/index.php
  8. http://textures.pedramk.com/index-html.php?pos=texture&cat=Asphalt&limit=24&page=0
  9. http://stocktextures.com/index.php?mode=textures
  10. http://veredgf.fredfarm.com/textura/index.html
if anyone has others, please let us know.. maybe some that has been messed around with, already stylized.. 

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