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Check out the new blog. Myriad Studio

Myriad Studio Blog

Yes, Yellow Eye (i) Design was meant to be the creative team at cornerstone chandler, but everyone already updates their own blogs. I’d like to continue using this blog to post the Cornerstone work and personalities. However, I do have one of my own now that is more straight up and has more of my outside of Cornerstone work as well. Check it out.


Morgan Freeman Survives Surgery!

for anyone wondering, he made it home after his surgery. Morgan Freeman was involved in a horrific car accident, and has just made it out… sweet.

Branson, Rutan’s Mothership – Spaceshipone

What kind of money do you have to have to be in the first space tour bus? I know this is the most random post coming from a team of graphic artists, video editors and designers, but hey, it’s early in the morning and this was my coffee read…

I wonder if we will have space orbit tours within our lifetime. You know, fly up in space, call your friends, “you’ll never guess where i am”, etc…   Continue reading

a real schmuck runs 4 the Arizona Legislature

That’s Captain Schmuck to you, apparently. According to his Web site, Frank Schmuck, a Republican, is a Persian Gulf veteran and airline pilot who volunteers for a long list of local charities.

Not sure the last name will be an asset, but hey, stranger things have happened in politics, like a clinton running for president after billllll.