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The Flood is in the middle of post production / sneak peak

This movie has to be finished by Tuesday the 21st and I am about half way finished with the post production and compositing. Many of the scenes have had some really problematic footage which required a lot of time to stabilize and color correct the problems. I wanted to share a few stills from the movie in the meantime. Thanks for checking it out.


Teaser Stills from “The Flood” Post Production

Here is some inside reveals of some scenes. I know this really isn’t showing much, but it gives you a bit more of the story. Next week we are dealing with 3D models and compositing. See you again soon.

See more pictures at myriadstudio.com/blog

Cornerstone: The Flood: “the eye” teaser

Here is the teaser for ‘the flood’ short video. The teaser has been named “the eye” and will be officially released October 5th. It’s purpose is to promote the official “the flood” blog which will also be released October 5. The blog is a place for people to discuss the purpose, content and character of the film. The public is not aware of the story and it’s meaning. “The Eye” is focused on the movie’s location and the desolate state it appears to be in. Motionless and lifeless people are scattered about in a vast desert. I am sure this is all obvious and quite apparent when you watch the teaser. Click here for “the flood” blog.

The Flood – The Eye Teaser from chris loope on Vimeo.

Thanks for taking a look, enjoy and feel free to comment.

Shooting the Flood: Shoot 2a

This was a good first shoot. It was a really long day and everyone did a great job. It was a great time to crack out the Letus adapter. I couldn’t believe how hot it was outside and how much water people can blow through. I know I speak for the whole team when I say thanks to all the actors who came out. Kim and Promise did a great job on makeup, Matt had a great shoot, Jim and Michael produced well, Rick was all over the place helping out and the actors were patient and responsive. Very cool.

We are almost half way there and I look forward to finishing the production so we can jump into post. October 26 is really coming quick! Take a look at our first set of photos.


The Shoot:
I was up early getting the equipment list done. Michael and I scurried about to get all the props we needed packed up. After we got to Cornerstone we assembled everything else before our actors showed up. The RV was critical and I have decided that if you ever do an off site shoot, this is a crucial part to the happiness of the actors. I had a really strict schedule that I loosened up a bit the night before. There was no room for mistakes when you are trying to get 78 shoots with one camera, a handful of producers, and about 20 actors 40 minutes away from ‘home base’. Regardless we had all the ambition we needed to do this. Of course, life happens/happened and here is where the commotion would begin.

We hoped to have a van there for the actors that wouldn’t fit in an RV. It didn’t work out to have someone we know lend us their van, another reason why perhaps renting is the most reliable method. We also had a little bit of a mix up on our food and water resources. We decided it was necessary to stop by the golden arches on the way to our location. After loosing some of the trailing vehicles, we finally arrived to the location we previously scoped out for the shoot… As we pulled up, we noticed an “indian reserve” police office had pulled a couple cars just before our turn off point. We all debated wether we should unload and get rolling since we were a little behind schedule before the police were done. We were wrong to begin to unload, the officer said he couldn’t let us stay on the location and that it was in fact indian reservation land. He told us that another 10 miles away and we should be safe from anymore issue or interruption. He was right about not being interrupted, but it was more like 18 – 20 miles.

We were very late to get started, but were happy to feel safe enough to continue. I would say for the most part everything went well, and the actors were great. We simply did not get enough done and will look forward to a second shoot day. The next trailer is around the corner, so that is exciting.

The Flood Teaser 1

Teaser #1 is here. This particular shot needed an arm because it was shot hand held and presented some pretty difficult problems. Otherwise, it will do what it needs to, encourage thoughts and discussion. Thoughts are always welcome. For more information, go to myriadstudio.com/blog

3D Concept for Radiohead In Rainbows Album Movie


Working with director Matthew Taylor on a ‘Akira’ style art piece for the new Radiohead Album: In Rainbows. The album is the soundtrack and of course it’s a silent film. The trick is to make believable, yet powerful 3D and surreal imagery for an actress and imposed characters to live in. The first scene is a beautiful girl (who is really similar to a robotic being) who is being controlled by an alien force who is looking down to her from a ‘control room’. Here are some concepts we designed. I’ll put up more shots when i get back into the studio.

Radiohead In Rainbows music video concepts

Radiohead In Rainbows music video concepts

15 Step
An old control panel flickers to life showing vital signs as a psudo-organic amorphous figure.  The lights flicker on and off as morecontrol panels come to life.  Camera moves the control panel to reveal a large window overlooking a room full of mounds of discarded mechanical body parts.  In the middle of this large room with debris, lights come on to reveal a center room.  The visor on this room folds back to reveal a mechanical woman.  She is facing down and black wires run out of her arms and legs.  The cables run into the surrounding walls.  Inside the mechanical cocoon there is an infinite white space that contrast with the dirty old decay on the exterior of the birthing
chamber.  As if conserved by the chamber for decades there is a life that is thrust into the mechanical woman.  As the lights flicker in the control room, the mechanical woman comes to life, with jerky motions.  She raises her head up to examine her surroundings and then from the control room is prompted to stand.  The control room reveals a series of video monitors that reveal different facets of this mechanical person.  She takes steps forward testing her range of the her wires that bind her to the room.  The lights and controls become more fierce in the room as her motions mimic the kinetic connection.  As the reflection between the control room and the mechanical woman becomes more violent, her wires snag on her stiletto boot and causes her to malfunction.  Suddenly the control panel blinks a command to her and she resist against it.  As she becomes self aware she begins to struggle against the control room.  Her violent reaction to the control room causes the controls to burn out.  The monitors go dead and black smoke starts to poor out of the panel as she begins to tear at the wires, riding them from her body.  As she tears them out she violently convulses and staggers out of the same cocoon toward the edge of the room and free for the first time, topples over the edge.

This is an early concept of the control chair

This is an early concept of the control chair

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