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Matte Paintings // The Valley

Today I planned on making two matte paintings and changing one to look more “dead” without having to do a lot of extra work. I made the living world first and then began striping away the saturation and color. I also had to destroy two waterfalls. This was a lot of fun and I feel pretty good about them.


The Flood // Matte Painting 1

Check out the newest matte painting. This is a 4k painting that took the better part of a day. Thanks for checking it out and come back to check out “the awakening” teaser. Cheers.

Strangest Baptism Animation Concept.

I am not really sure what I was thinking. I might take this idea somewhere else. There are these tall 3d stone looking towers with text on it. I like the environment look and I really think it will look cool if it were to be animated. Anyway, here it is, take a look.


surreal world matte paintings.

surreal world matte paintings.

Matte Painting – Flood Movie

Ok, I knew that matte painting was hard, but I really didn’t know how tedious it could be until I tried one. I learned a lot of lessons with this first attempt and I am ready to get started for real now. I am open for comments and suggestions… Thanks for taking a look.

my very first matte painting.

my very first matte painting.