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My new photography blog: Myriad Studio

Hey everyone, check out my new photography blog. Cheers. – Click here –



Matte Paintings // The Valley

Today I planned on making two matte paintings and changing one to look more “dead” without having to do a lot of extra work. I made the living world first and then began striping away the saturation and color. I also had to destroy two waterfalls. This was a lot of fun and I feel pretty good about them.

The Flood is in the middle of post production / sneak peak

This movie has to be finished by Tuesday the 21st and I am about half way finished with the post production and compositing. Many of the scenes have had some really problematic footage which required a lot of time to stabilize and color correct the problems. I wanted to share a few stills from the movie in the meantime. Thanks for checking it out.

The Flood // Matte Painting 1

Check out the newest matte painting. This is a 4k painting that took the better part of a day. Thanks for checking it out and come back to check out “the awakening” teaser. Cheers.

Teaser Stills from “The Flood” Post Production

Here is some inside reveals of some scenes. I know this really isn’t showing much, but it gives you a bit more of the story. Next week we are dealing with 3D models and compositing. See you again soon.

See more pictures at myriadstudio.com/blog

Strangest Baptism Animation Concept.

I am not really sure what I was thinking. I might take this idea somewhere else. There are these tall 3d stone looking towers with text on it. I like the environment look and I really think it will look cool if it were to be animated. Anyway, here it is, take a look.


surreal world matte paintings.

surreal world matte paintings.

Cornerstone: The Flood: “the eye” teaser

Here is the teaser for ‘the flood’ short video. The teaser has been named “the eye” and will be officially released October 5th. It’s purpose is to promote the official “the flood” blog which will also be released October 5. The blog is a place for people to discuss the purpose, content and character of the film. The public is not aware of the story and it’s meaning. “The Eye” is focused on the movie’s location and the desolate state it appears to be in. Motionless and lifeless people are scattered about in a vast desert. I am sure this is all obvious and quite apparent when you watch the teaser. Click here for “the flood” blog.

The Flood – The Eye Teaser from chris loope on Vimeo.

Thanks for taking a look, enjoy and feel free to comment.