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Our new president elect // Barack Obama

barack-obama-is-supermanI get that this man has different morals than we conservatives do and that it is infuriating to see someone support abortion, but I am going to force my emotions to be stable on the fact that this was God’s plan for the U.S.

Sure there is the potential for disaster. There is this great chance every time a ‘human’ gets in commanding chair. Don’t forget we have seen presidents with similar beliefs fall and fail. I’m not saying that I have become passive and careless, I just feel comfortable that nothing is by accident. I also want to remain optimistic that great things can happen from strange places.


Apple’s New Mac Book and MBP

I have to be honest, I am a bit disappointed with the release. Not in a quality way, but whenever a great inspiring entity promises a huge product and delivers less than. This reminds me of when Coldplay claimed their new album would be their “ok computer” album, it was very disappointing. Apple said they were releasing something that would blow the competition away with this next release. Yes, they’ll always blow away microsoft, but we were hoping for something crazy with the hardware. I’ll write more once I really wrap my head around this release. The hardware looks solid and what was expected of an upgrade, but it didn’t blow away the enthusiasts.