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More 3D Art // ‘Restore’



Design randomness at CS

just some pixel doodles i did in creative boredom, or something like that…





More Designs to check out

Yes, these are designs for a blackoutgraphics client, but i thought I would share it anyway. I like where they are going, I just need to finish them. Please feel free to let me know what you think. This is a really high end interior designer looking for something artistic. Her main request was black with her logo red.
Thanks for your thoughts.

Interior Design website 001

Interior Design website 001

Design 002

Design 002

Web 2.0 Stripe Generator

This is a pretty cool resource for those of us that just want a quick background patter for our site. You can fuss around with some controls and then download the graphic. Click here.

Cornerstone Web Comps

I’m working on the new cornerstone website. We are hoping to use as the CMS. Here are the two comps I made. No, they are not done. The flash player is pretty intense, if you or someone you know can build a player with some pretty crazy mods and functions, please let us know. It’s a paid gig.

Design 001

Design 001

Comp 1:
I think “thin” sites are in, or at least are cool. There are too many sites out there that have too much going on, too many links, images and the desired destination can be hard to find. If this comp gets picked, you’ll get to see all the small details that make this site cool. There are small tabs on the right that allow the user to choose between 3 style sheets (skins). I know, impressive. 
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UrbanFonts – Free Font Resource

Large Free font resource

Large Free font resource

This site has over 8000+ fonts to go through. Be forewarned, they are not all free. Nevertheless, a good place to look for ‘good’ fonts. Check them out (click here).

Color Picker: Mondrianum

Do you ever need some color ideas? One thing I have done in the past is find a picture that has cool tones and complimentary colors and picked a few colors from there to make my pallet. This is especially effective when you are using the art/graphics with that photograph. Sometimes you have a blank sheet of paper and you just want some ideas for color combinations. Mondrianum acts like a built-in, system-wide color picker. It becomes available in any mac application that supports the color pick feature. I have found this especially useful in CSS, photoshop and After Effects projects. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Mondrianum combines the best of the community content on kuler and the nativeness of Mac applications. If you work with colors on a Mac, be sure to check it out!