where am i?!?!

chris. chaz. promise. josh

chris. chaz. promise. josh


Whats up? We are the creative team at Cornerstone Chandler. this blog will always be underdeveloped….!! If it ever does get updated, it will be by the following:

  • josh winters: pixel pusher
  • chris loope: frame hog
  • maybe Promise (she already has her own blog): pixel pusher
  • chaz?
There are so many aspects to being a good designer these days ranging from; the equipment you use, the places that inspire you and your resources. We hope to learn from you and gather your thoughts/resources as well as share our own. You might encounter some randomness in this blog, you can choose to ignore it, use it in your book about the strangeness of artists, or just see it as random bits of information that may or may not be important. I mean, did you ever have to have a purpose to run a blog? we think we sometimes have insight on cool design resources that we didn’t make but found… we can document some stuff we do that we think is cool, and just comment on culture, ourselves and the world. 

2 responses to “where am i?!?!

  1. that photo is awesomely hi-larious

  2. thanks for checking me out as well. i found your link off of promise’s blog. yall both are very talented. keep up the great work! – april

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